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New guy lookin to get on a Harley

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Hey everyone, I've heard really good things about this forum and look forward to surfing this page.

I do not have a Harley yet. I'm in the process of taking the Harley course to get my liscence and am looking into what bike I should get.

I'm 6'6" 205 lbs. I am just lookin for a bike to go bar hopping really. A cousin of mine has a tricked out 1200 sportster but even though sitting on it feels comfortable I dont know how well I'd be able to ride it because of my height.

What do you guys recommend? The Dyna Super Glide Sport is what has really caught my eye but after sitting on it I feel more comfortable sitting on the Sporty. Whats the deal with that?
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Don't let the insurance make your decision. Other posts pretty much cover the options. Fact is you're young and an inexperienced rider so just be ready to pay. I'm 36, have been riding on and off since 16. I have progressive on an 01 RC and it's just over $600/yr mainly because my neighborhood is known for heavy traffic congestion. Two counties away from metro ATL and I would see a 50% drop in both insurance and taxes but I don't want to live there so I just pay.

I started on a Harley but it was no big twin :) a 72 Sprint 350. Since I only had $200 in it, I had liability insurance only. Shop around and make your decision based on the right things... like a year from now wishing you had not cut corners :D
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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