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Welcome to the forum. The more members the better. It's a little slow sometimes but a great place to talk America Thunder. Do you have a VROD or just a picture on your sig? I'd like to hear reviews from someone other than HD or mag articles.
Again welcome and tell all your friends.

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Welcome aboard, jackyl!

The H/D Forum has a V-Rod section. Some of our members are already sharing their V-Rod experiences. Look forward to hearing your thoughts about the bike after it arrives.

In the mean time, pull up a chair, pop open a beer, and I got the next round.

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re: new guy

Howdy all,
Since I'm new here too I figured this is as good a place as any to say howdy. Just as Jackyl said, this is a great site to rub elbows with other hawg lovers. You guys have answered a ton of my questions just from reading your posts.

I hail from the Bay Area and have been itching for an H-D all my 40+ years. So I finally scratched it last fall when I walked into my local dealer.

That's a story that I’ve already whined about on another thread. The short answer is I walked in for a Fat Boy and walked out 5th on the list for a V-Rod. It's supposed to arrive late Feb. and I'm chomping at the bit waiting... patiently... Not!

Looking forward to the ride.
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