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New guy here

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Lots of good information on this forum. Glad I found it. :D


Here is a pic of my scoot.
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and the other side...

Nice sled,



Forgive me for being new to Harleys, this is a darn good lookin' bike, but I can't tell what type of bike it is -- can you educate me please?
Thanks for posting these pics.

No problem. I've been riding for many years now and I still have problems figuring out what some of these bikes are. It's a 98 FXSTS aka Springer Softail.

Welcome aboard, jockeyshift... gotta ask something I have always wondered... do your arms go numb from being raised up so high to hold the bars? just curious. BTW, good lookin' bike.

Thanks for the welcome. To answer your question, I had 16" apes (shall I say baby apes :D ) with the stock 4" risers before instaling the 20"ers with the 6" risers. The first long trip I took, my arms did get a little numb, but has never bothered me since. I guess your body just gets use to it. Most people look and say "how do you reach those things", but once the sit on it they say "Wow, this is comfortable" My arms are about as high as the top of my head.

That's a Springer Softail? Wow! I would have never guessed, you've done some serious custom work on this bike. I've never ridden a bike with apes that big, I would think it would get some gettin' used to.
Ride the wind dude!
Welcome. I've seen this picture somewhere elese on the internet I think when I was doing a search on fxsts (maybe here dont remmember). I'll be getting a '03 springer some time soon (just not soon enough). I'm wondering where did you get the bit(h pegs from I like those alot.

I also like the shifter, just not coordinated enough. where is the clucth? is it the gear shifter?

Thanks for the welcome. You may have seen the bike on these web sites: http://www.choppersrule.com/readers_rides/readers_rides69.asp
The pegs are the o-ring pegs from HD. I mounted them in the holes right below the seat. I went to the local autoparts store and bought studs (exhaust manifold stud) that would fit in the hole and in the peg. With the pipes being as high as they are, I had to mount them there to keep the ladies from burning their legs.
The clutch is operated by the foot which used to be the shifter.


It was the wild1inc.com site that I seen it on. Very nice bike you've got there.

Thanks for the mod info. After I seen what you had there I found these on the web http://www.kuryakyn.com/prodlist.asp?bn=harley&cn=Pegs+&+Controls (14 rows down in the middle) But what you've got there looks great.

See ya around sometime.
Ride safe!
Welcome jockeyshift,

We too are glad you found this forum too. Question how the heck did you get your bike up on your deck? Did you ride it through the house?

Nice pics and great looking scoot.

Again welcome,


I haven't seen these before. They look pretty nice. I would like to see them on a scoot to see how they look.

VA V-Rod,

Thanks for the welcome! I built the deck with a wheelchair ramp. Just ride it up (real fun with a foot clutch). :eek: Great place to wash, change oil or what ever.

Ride on!

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