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Hi , My name is Gary I am a 52 year old from Ct. . I have been riding motorcycles on and off since I was 14 . I have 2 sons (28 and 24) and have gone through the whole motocross thing with them . I have a 4 year old grandson who is riding a klx50 quad like a champ and is just starting to be able to handle a xr50 motorbike . I rode Harleys in my youth , the last one being a 1981 fxwg that I bought new in 82 . I did not ride when my children were growing up . I couldn't see risking an accident when the family needed me . I saw my sons through the whole dirtbike thing as they grew . When my oldest son decided to by a street bike about 8 years ago . I told my wife that I was going back to riding as well . I did not want to be on a waiting list nor pay the ridiculous prices that Harley was asking so I went with a muscle bike instead ( 1998 V-MAX ) . Once back on 2 wheels and having seen my boys through school and into jobs the custom bug bit. My first 2 builds were V-Max's pure straight line horsepower bikes . In the back of my mind Harley was always there , but price and availabilities kept me stubborn . I then discovered the Yamaha Warrior and built 2 of them with modified swingarms , 250 tires, raked 6 degrees , paint , and horsepower sweetbikes , but still not Harley , Next came Yamaha Roadstar's , I built 5 of them including 50's style , Low whitewalled gangsta style bagger, and an EXILE style bobber with a 180 front tire and a 240 rear tire in an unmodified swingarm and front end . No matter how sweet these bikes were there was no respect for them . But now thanks to the current economy I'm back on a Harley . I recently purchased a low mile 99 Fatboy for a very good price . Man things are different with the motoco since the early 80's . and totally different from what I have been building . Harley seems to be stingy with its information making it hard to find without paying for books on parts . The shop manual is kind of sketchy as well . When I get into a new bike I seek out forums and do a lot of research on what others have done . Than I like to find a good parts fiche and research parts interchangeability . The forums I have been lurking on (this one and V-Twin forum) seem to talk about 2000 and up . There is some but not a lot of info on 99 or earlier . At least that is what I find when doing searches , maybe I am not using the forums right . As far as a parts fiche , I have not been able to find one . Any how for those of you who have read all of this . Thank you . I hope to be getting to know many of you through these forums and enjoying what you all are doing to your bikes . One of the biggest things I am looking forward to is the camaraderie that goes along with riding a Harley . That kind of makes some of the hassle all worth it . You don't get that with other brands . Well thanks again . Oh Yea if anyone has a headlight wire for a 99 fatboy or equivalent they want to sell I sure could use it .- Gary Drown
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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