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New gal, here...

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Hey everyone! New to this forum, and relatively new to the H-D family. Started riding a year ago - took and passed the MSF course then bought myself a 96 Sporty Hugger. Rode it all summer and fall, then decided I wanted something a little smoother and more balanced. Bought a 2002 FLSTCI in December and just brought it home this week (was in winter storage at the dealer since the day I bought it). I absolutely LOVE this bike! It shifts and rides so smooth and effortlessly - what a dream come true! I am eagerly looking forward to the riding season. But living in the Chicago area, the riding season is WAY too short, unfortunately. Safe riding to all, and I hope to see you on the road soon!

Linda :cool:
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Hello and welcome to the board:) It's nice to see another female around here! Congrats on the new bike, post a pic if you have one!
Thanks for the welcome! I tried attaching a pic using the "attach file" feature below, but I guess it didn't work. I'll try posting it using the IMG html code.

Linda ;)

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Hey Linda, that's a nice ride you got there. Way comfy compared to the sporty I'm sure! Do you have any long runs planned for it?
Eventually, after I get some riding time on it, I'd like to try and do a longer run - maybe an overnighter or weekend trip. I haven't had much experience in the "long runs" department. The furthest I ever rode on the Sporty was MAYBE 200 miles roundtrip. I have a riding friend who has some big plans for long rides this summer, but I'm not sure if I'm ready for something of that magnatude yet. Plus, my hubby (who DOES NOT ride) eventually would like to get on the back and join me on some of my rides once I get comfortable with the bike. I had him on the back of my Sporty a few times. He's a tall guy so he wasn't very comfortable back there...the Heritage will be much better for him. Now if I could only get the weather up here to cooperate, I'd be in business. It's been cold with snow flurries all week long... :mad:

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Welcome Linda! Nice lookin' scoot ya got there. I think you should put a solo seat on it and get the old man his own ride! Hopefully he enjoys motorcycling as much as you do. It makes things easier and when the spouse rides your "perspective" on things is more easily understood.(e.g.-I need more chrome honey:D ) My wife has had a license for 26 years but still doesn't understand the chrome thing...hehehehe! Anyway, hope to see your posts and good luck with the bike.
Nice ride, deffinatley get the Old Man his own Scooter, then ya can ride off together into the sunset! Later JJ
Welcome nscrbug. It's great to have another riding female here. HDgirl just recently joined us and we have grown real fond of her around here. I hope you post often too. I just have to say that you having your own bike and you husband not riding one is the reverse of the norm. At least it seems like he is understanding of you riding.. (He really don't know what he's missing though). You have a beautiful bike. Thanks for posting the picture for us. I hope you enjoy this forum with us.

Welcome to the forum,nscrbug!

I think it's cool you riding your old man on back instead of the other way around.You go girl!!!!

As fifthgear said it's great to have women riders in here, I look forward to both your & HDgirl's posts.

That is one beautiful scoot you got there,good choice!!

Welcome to the board, and you have a kick ass scooter there with you.
After looking at the pic of your bike, I had to get the pics of my '89 FLSTC out and go down memory lane for a while.
Looking forward to more posts from you.

Ride Safe.
Welcome to the board nscrbug. Beautiful scooter ya got there. I especially like the color;) Hope to see you here often. Great group. I'll bet after the "ol' man" has a couple rides on the back of that FLSTCI, he'll want to learn how to drive one himself and you folks will be a two bike family :D
Thanks for making me feel so welcome! What a great bunch of people you all are! I also post on the Harley board at About.com. I've learned so much in such a short time just simply by asking questions. Yeah, it's pretty odd that my husband is the passenger, but he doesn't mind at all. He says it gives something for all the cagers around us to talk about..LOL It is pretty funny to see the look on people's faces when I'm stopped at a light and they realize that it's the GUY who is on the back, and the CHICK in front! :eek: My husband does plan on taking the MSF course (by my request) sometime this summer. I explained to him that even for a passenger, it's a good idea to go through the course just to experience some of the thought processes required by a rider. Plus, heaven forbid, if something were to happen to me while we're out riding together that prevented me from continuing to ride (like I suddenly become ill, or twist my ankle or something) he would be able to get in front and ride the bike home. I always think of the worst case scenarios, because you just never know what might happen. Anyway...as I said before, I LOVE this bike and I can't wait to put some serious miles on it. I've pretty much changed all that I want to on the bike, for now. I had SE II slash-downs, Stage I kit for EFI, luggage rack, passenger floorboards, chrome front fender trim, studded leather tank panel, and the turn signal module kit to make the rear turn signals into additional brake lights added on before I even took the bike home. Then I added a windshield bag, and the chrome voltage regulator cover. I'm still waiting on my engraved Bar & Shield mirrors and Aluminator axel nut covers to come in, and then I'm done accessorizing. At least until next year anyway... when I will think about changing the wheels to the 6-spoke chrome Thunderstar ones...LOL It's like a sickness. Oh well...it's only money, right? LOL :p
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Hey HDgirl! I just read in one of your other posts, that you live near Pocono Raceway....AWESOME! My hubby and I are HUGE NASCAR fans! Haven't been to Pocono yet, but we have been to Bristol, Charlotte, Talladega, Michigan, and the new Chicagoland Speedway here in my neck of the woods. :D I would actually like to take the bike on a road trip to a race someday in the future. In fact, I'll be headed down to Charlotte in May for The Winston. Sorry about getting off-topic here...but get me talking about NASCAR or Harleys and I can't shut up...LOL
I've been to quite a few races at Pocono, I've also been to Richmond and Dover. My favorite is the Richmond track. I haven't been to a race in about 3 years, I just couldn't deal with the crowds anymore. I guess I just don't have the patience for the crowds. Living near Pocono I sometimes get great oppertunities for good seats. One year we were on the inside of the track in kinda like a luxury box where you could go inside and watch the race on the TV, it was air conditioned with free food and drinks, or you could go out on the bleachers right behind the pits, we also got pit passes that year, that was cool. The last time I went it was just to qualifying, my boss gave me his luxury box tickets that he wasn't using, that's the way to see a race, not squished in those bleacher sweating in the hot sun:)
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