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New Canuck

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Hi everyone new guy from northern BC Canada. Very close to Alaska. Suffering from SRSD " short riding season disorder " Wife and I go each year to southern
states to ease the pain.This year was Las Vegas.down to the Joshua Tree
park,Palm Springs, up to Laughlin, up to Utah and back to LV. Next year it's
the Salsa run, San Diego to El Paso Texas..... Any tips on this trip !!!!!
This is a great site !!!!!
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Welcome to the internationally renowned, warm and sunny forum known as the VTF.

Nice to meet you and hope you enjoy your time here.
A good tip would be to have as much fun as humanily possible along the way. :welcome: to the board.
Welcome to the board. Here's a tip:
When in Texas, do as the Texans.
That means anything goes.
welcome to the forum
:welcome: to the forum. Never heard of the SRSD, gott remember that one. Post up often and enjoy.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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