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New Bike, What To Do??

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Well, I can't pass up a deal so today I'm now a proud owner of an '05 883 Low. It's my 2nd Sporty, and I need to know what I need to look out for/change.

I'm switching to Python 2:1's, SE A/C, and rejetting. I'm planning on a 1200 conversion in the future so the pipes are chosen for that engine.

What other upgrades should I do so that it runs good?


BTW my other Sporty is a '69 so there's been some changes I'm sure :D
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Congrats. Ride the snot out. :beer4u:
Taller shocks, at least 13" :thumbsup:
Well, the taller shocks would be OK if I was the only one riding it. I bought it with the stipulation that it was so the Girl could have a bike to ride.
With her being 5'4", I don't think she'd like me changing the shocks. Too bad, cause my pick would have been the "R" model.

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