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New Bike Rally In The South

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Have you guys heard about the new bike rally starting up in the great state of GA. Yep we're going to have our very own Sturgis. It's called the Iron Angel Bike rally and it's going to be April 20-23 2006 in Unadilla,Ga. Seems there's a fellow down there that has bought 400 acres and thus far sunk around 2 million into it. Seems he's not playing with this. I've heard he's built a ampitheater to 100,000, RV drop tanks, 100-150 store fronts for venders.
I'll update when I get more info.
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this is great news. I am new to HD and Sturgis is a lonnnnng way from florida. Please keep us posted.
Here's the link to the write-up about it:

http://www.wallysworldcustomchoppers.com/New Rally News.htm

This should be great! :banana: :cheers: :woohoo:
Well ain't that BITCHEN . I live in north Georgia and that sounds like a GREAT idea.
Sounds Like a Winner

I live in Greenville and love those ralleys
Anybody hear anything more about this rally? The website hasn't changed and it looked like they had a long way to go.
You can email the guy. His email link is on that site posted above. I'm interested as well. I'll email him later on as well. I'm also curious about this new gig.
Damn... I'll be there for sure. That sounds even better!!! lol

If he has a party like Little Sturgis, Kentucky......I'm Goin'
Holy crap, I'm only about 2-3 hours away! It's good to be back on 'da Mainland!
:chopper: ?prty:

Gotta check this out, even if it's only a day-trip this year!

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