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New bars on my EG Standard!!

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Man I love them, made a huge difference in my ride, the bars are the reach touring from HD, also used all the stock cables, just rerouted the clutch cable.
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Thanks for the review,I'm thinking of getting some different bars on my Classic.
What size of guy are you? I'm 6' and 260.
My left elbow has a fused radial head from a fall I took years ago and I have an unequal reach.
It's always my left shoulder that starts hurting after a long ride so I'm thinking a reduced reach set of bars may help.
I'd be looking up at you dude, I'm 5'10" and way 214lbs, I tend to slump when I ride so the stock bars were to short for me.
What is the part# for those bars?Has anyone put these on a Road King,if so do you have to change cables?
what seat do you have on your classic? Is that the sundowner? Do you like it better than the stock pillow? Nice
I am considering a different set of bars as well, but haven't tried any others to know what I would like. My specs are the same as Tnford27, and I notice a bit of a slouch when I ride as well.

Rusty, I put the sundowner seat on my Ultra and am very happy with it. Great for long rides and the s/o loves the comfort of the passenger end of things as well.
Tnford27 said:
Man I love them, made a huge difference in my ride, the bars are the reach touring from HD, also used all the stock cables, just rerouted the clutch cable.
New bars look great! How long did it take you to install them? Did you run into any problems? Thanks :D
It took about 2 hrs, took my time, the only thing I had to redo was to reroute the clutch cable the 2nd time, I had to pull it out of the hole and run it where the bars come through the fairing, looks neater but then you have that hole thats left, I'm going to cover that up with a round Harley sticker that's made for the brake caliper.
Nice writeup

Could we have the part #, can't seem to find on HD site, that doesn't require different cabling. Thanks
same here harley gun...they list p/n 55914-98 for 49.95 but the say all cables must be purchased extended........Youi can also check out wild 1's. They are a comfy handlebar as well....
Thats the bars, reach touring bars, you don't have to buy the cables that they say, they will work just fine with a little help:brows: , know what I mean.
Thanks for info, I should know by now what HD says is not always the truth.
Well I finally did it with my Road King Classic. Decided on some handlebars (took 6 months). The stock ones were just killing my back so after making a test set out of 3/4 PVC pipe and elbows I went with the 56079-93 Dyna Wide Glide bars. Went for a ride on Sunday (30 degrees) and let me tell you what a difference. 3" more rise and 2.5" less pull back. Arms are not straight out anymore and the wrists are straight so no pain in back OR wrists when pulling the clutch or brake. I'm 6' tall, 200# and wear a 34-35" long sleeve shirt.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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