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Hi I'm not sure either; I found the forum really handy as a try it myself kind of bike guy.

Oh well " I'm hoping that these guys will be as willing as the uk forum to help out if possible.

As we all :thanks:know these sites are gold when it comes to experience and knowledge.

cheers Bish
Well I retired from being a brain surgeon with the Mexican Air Force and just change the oil. I did a thread with pictures in the Smoky Mountains, NC. They all said that is nice and they should do pics of where they go. No shiitt, but they hardly ever did. Like when they went to that Lord's castle who died a couple years ago. Two pictures. Sheesh.

There are many gear heads here for you to learn from and they are happy to share their knowledge. It is better to start your own thread instead of joining an old one. Pics are a big help. See ya on the flip flop.

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1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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