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New 2002 RKC just got here

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Anybody out there?

I just picked up my new 2002 RKC the day before yesterday and have not stopped smiling yet!!!! It's my first EFI and I'd like to talk mods and maps etc... if anybody is out there

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Congrats On the new Scooter Frank !!!
I have not did anything other than V&H slipon pipes to mine. Enjoy that ride ............Glide-Guy
I'm with you man, had my 02 King for 1800 miles worth...luv it

I'm looking at the KN power commander, with whatever deepest sounding pipes I can find, (Hookers sound deep, plus tuneable), course gonna need more inflow of air, HD wants my left nut for STG 1, looking around to compare others.

any ideas spread'em

02 RKC mods planned....

It's funny that you mentioned Bassani slip ons. I just got mine in the maul. They are the new slice cuts that just came out. Also got a Big Sucker 1 Air Cleaner, and Corbin Solo seat with back rest and tour pillion, chubby 508 handlebars. Obviously I had too long to think about this because most of the parts have arrived. I figure I will put on the 508 when I also get new cables and grips as there is no sense pulling the bars apart twice. The Seat will go on the same day as the bars go back 3 inches and the seat 1 back and 1 down. Other wise I'll be bent over too much. The issue is the Air cleaner and the Bassani silp ons. I guess I'will have to wait until the Power Commander folks come out with the right map to add them. Is there a map out that will suffice?

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I have only a few hundred miles on my scooter so far (I just picked it up). I has pleasantly suprised at how many HDs are showing up unclaimed these days. Unfortunately the RKC is in pretty high demand and they don't even make it to the showroom floor. I was lucky and showed up one morning the day after the buyer who ordered it changed his mine. I grabbed it as I had been looking for one for a while (yes I could have ordered one but was hoping to get lucky ... and I did).

I am completely stock (engine-wise) and would also welcom any advice on modifications. Honestly, since I am not supposed to go over 55 mph I could not tell you if the scoot is lacking in power yet. It is a tad quite for a HD, and if I change the muffler I will likely get a big bore kit and breather to go with it. If I have to have the EFI tweeked anyway, I might as well make it a worthwhile exercise.
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New FLHTCUI here, my first with fuel injection. Seems as if it takes a long time to idle down between shift, mine seems to hold the rpm high between shifts, anyone else notice this?
Howdy Frank. Guess you are on your own down there, huh?

Have not messed with the Glide yet as I'm hoping to find a carbie one and trade, but as far as the maps go historically they don't see a difference between the Big Sucker and the SE intake.
But doesn't the Big Sucker AC suck more air than the SE? If programmed for the SE, is the extra capacity of the BS not going to use?

re all alone: There are very few of us here since the 80's and yes, it sometimes gets a little lonely out on the edge. Glad I have this computer.

The shape of the venturi in the backing plate is identical from one to the other. Either filter element will easily flow more then a mild engine can use. Big Sucker is a form of speech, as they have two of them, one with the same element as the SE and one with the higher Buell element. The difference in pressure drop between the two elements is no more then the difference between a new element and one that has been run for a week.
The reason they are a better mousetrap is the breather sealing and layout, performancewise there is no difference.
I knew that someone would Know the right answer. Thanks. I just sent a letter to the PC people to see when they will come up with a map for the RKC 2002 with BS and Bassani slip ons. i cant wait to slap this stuff on. Sending the Corbin solo back to the factory to grow a bigger lip. It comes up 1/2 inch short of the chrome panel.

fast idle between shifts

Gary, I have a 2002 Heritage softail classic with fuel injection and mine has done the same thing between shifts. When I first got the bike it would actually jump between shifts and was almost dangerous to ride. Mine would run about 40 mph in 5th gear untill the idle run down. With the throttle completely rolled off, I could hold the front brake and let the clutch part of the way out and it would idle down then but only 1250 rpm. It stayed in the Nashville shop for two weeks and still not fixed like it should be. The service manager there is one of the best but says he is at a loss as to what is wrong with it,and Harley has never heard of that problem. If anyone knows what the problem is please mail me or post it here. I had a 2001 Deuce with fuel that ran absolutely flawless. Hope someone has an answer......Jack
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Well, yesterday got the 2nd electrical TS manual for the FL's to come to AZ after being backordered for all this time, and after looking at it for a bit my prediction is that life will become very interesting for a whole bunch of people. Things have changed with the Delphi in the baggers. The Delphi in the softails is easier in comparison because they do not have nearly as many non EFI specific components in the loop and a relatively simple harness, even though the basic EFI system is the same.
Hoghead, I certainly don't know what the problem may be, but I can tell you one thing, the onboard diagnostics have become almost useless and the Scanalizer is only of limited use. With the 02's they need to get up to speed with the Digital technician as it appears to be the only reliable diagnostic form that covers all data.

If I had to take a guess I would make sure the TPS is zeroed (check throttle cables for being too tight first) or the IAC is sticking or needs the steps reset.

Let us know what they find when they find it.
Frank, knowing what I know now and did not know yesterday, I would be very conservative with that bike down there.
The extent of what I'll do is: slip ons, AC, PC, bars and seat. Maybe a couple superficials but nothing technical. It's the only EFI bike in the country and is a little intimidating. I really am anxious to tryout the slip ons, but I guess I need to wait as I fear that without the new AC and PC it will discolor the Bassani's. Man, I just want to hear the right sound instead of that electric hummmmmm. The government might just leave me here for another three years and we'll just retire in Costa Rica (cheap and easy to do from Honduras). So, I'll never get real fancy with the bike (just looks). People do tend to stop dead in the street and let their jaw hang open. Even the other HD guys drool because there are no other Touring models and only 21 Softails and about 7 Sportsters. There are about 100 HD's in Costa Rica so, it will be less special.

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I hear you. Quite a few of the ol' boys in Costa. LOL.
I'm turning green with envy ......... Congradulations!

Don't forget to do the locktight trick on the shifter arms while they'are still new (see the post).


< There are about 100 HD's in Costa Rica so, it will be less special.>

I remember a time when I had the only Harley on Okinawa. It was a flat head 45 (all 45's were flat heads, in fact). It was kind of a neat experience back in 1953 ......... Gawd that was a long time ago ......!

If you want to forget your Fatboy AND your new harley--get a BMW K1200LTC----you'll never miss those harley's again.
BMW...great bike but.......

For about 4 months this past, year I rode a BMW 1150 GS (ie Duck on steroids). Great bike but had a real high center of gravity I could not get used to. Also had these little foot pegs that put my feet up real high. Difficult for me to maneuver in the city, and not good at all on the dirt because of it's weight. It seemed to me as though the "Duo-sport"was neither a Tourer nor an off roader. I guess for some it has enough of both to be either. For me it didn't have enough of either to be both. Make sense??? It did, however, look like a masterpiece. The guy I gave it to is super happy with it. Each to his own. After my BMW experience, I'll stick to my HD. I don't like to knock anyone's ride until I've tried it. Now I know that it just wasn't for me.

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