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Let me explain.

I've had my 2004 Softail EFI for a year, bought it with a stage 1 (S.E) and a few thousand miles on the clock.
Straight away I had straight bars and a Gambler seat, I do not ride a handbag.

I have limited funds, expanding family means that I need to reign things in a little, but this what I see as a 'rest of life' project. There's no rush, I don't intend to part from it.

I want to tinker a little this year, will get some Big Radius pipes when in the 'States later this year.

I am considering the best modifications to make to compliment this.

DFO or 95" rebore.

I don't want a pocket rocket, just a little more grunt, I will eventually increase the CI no matter what, so is the DFO a nice cost effective mod to help the motor breathe more easily.
Does the DFO also mean that when I go 95" or more I don't need the MoCo reflash of the ECU?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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