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My import experience:

While sealing the deal on my first bike, a Yamaha 600R, just about to load it on to my truck, a couple on a Harley rode by and yelled "Don't do it!". Too bad I had already signed the papers, cause I could have gotten a new Sporty for less than what I paid for the Yamaha.

Oh well, I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you want a Harley, buy a Harley. It may be a touch more difficult to learn on, but you won't have that "If I only woulda..." feelin. An MSF course is a must, and with plenty of patience and practice you can have any bike under your complete control.

By the way, you're never too young to own a Harley. My first was when I was 21. What a feeling! I'm 28 now and severly addicted, just bought another. That's my 4th since '01.

searching for more room in the shed for another bike
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