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Need March 2008 Contenders...

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We'll get this going, so next time we will start on time :D. I need 4 contenders for March of 2008. Rules that apply:

Here's your chance to be featured at V-Twin Forum! To enter your ride, all you need to do is provide the info below along with a photo(s). And don't forget the story behind the bike because that can often turn the trick!

The winner for each round will be chosen by our members votes!

Eng size:
Transmission(5sp, 6sp etc):
And the story:

As long as you haven't won in the past year you can enter again.
So take your time, share your pics and post up!

Ride safe,

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OK, I'll play:

Year: 2007
Model: Springer Classic FLSTSC
Eng size: 103
Transmission(5sp, 6sp etc): 6sp
Pipes: D&D Fat Cat
Seat: Mean City Cycles
Wheels: Harley Profile Laced - powder-coated hubs and rims
Accessories: Lots of chrome goodies, saddlebags, nostalgic engine guard, footboards and grips, Wild 1 9.5" Apehangers
And the story:

I wanted this model the first time I saw it and, finally, my wife got tired of hearing me say it every time I saw one on a dealer floor and told me to get it. My concept is kind of a modern version of what a 50's or 60's era hot-rodder would do with a 40's era bike. Doc in Orlando (HDMD88) did the engine build. He sent the cylinders, heads and new pistons to Baisley Hi-Performance in Oregon and then installed Woods TW6-6 cams, a Zipper air cleaner and the Fat Cat exhaust. His tune brought it in at 101 hp and 107 ft./lbs. of torque. Once I got it back from Doc, I tore it all down again and had Jim at Beyond the Paint in Augusta, GA put on the old-school hot rod flames with blue pin-striping, all done by hand. For the wheels, I loved the look of powder-coated rims and hubs with chrome spokes, but they were real expensive. I ended up having Pancake at the local indy shop (The Motorcycle Palace) tear down the wheels for me and I took the hubs, rims and pulley to Powder Coating Services, also of Augusta, for the finish. Pancake then put them back together, mounted the tires and balanced everything. Total cost of the wheels - $600 plus the new tires.

I just got it back together a couple of weeks ago and now it is time to ride it. The seating position is perfect for me and, with the extra power, it is a lot of fun to ride. Here are a couple of pictures and I hope you like it.

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Gorgeous! ;) Thanks for posting!
No problem. If you want to see some more pictures, just go here:

March Entry

Year: 1996
Model: Heritage Softail FLSTC
Engine: 1340
Trans: 6 Speed
Pipes: Vance & Hines
Seat: HD
Wheels: Chrome 60 Spokes
Accessories: Many! But include Air-Ride Suspension, Digital Speedo, Belt-Drive, 6 Speed, Lots and lots of chrome, 16" apes, and custom paint job.

The story:
This is my dream bike! I bought her 5 years ago, and put on 14k the first season (live in MA, so seasons are 6 months tops...). One unseasonably warm day in the beginning of March, I took her out for my usual tri-state run thru MA, RI, CT and back to MA. Just after crossing back into MA, and puttin the ol helmet back on, I was hit by a car, nearly head-on. Flew 40+ feet before landing on the guard rail - broke lots of bones! Hip replacement, rod in the femur all on the left leg, and fractured my right ankle too! Needless to say walking was difficult for a while...

So in order to help pull me through, I immediately began rebuilding the bike, and making lots of improvements, like the 6sp tranny and the air-ride suspension...and I finally topped it off this year with MY OWN custom paint job, so it has been a few years in the making getting her where she is today! I like the way she looks so much, that is was almost worth the accident...

Lots of pics here: http://www.kustomflames.com/kf_heritage.html


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OK Let me give it a shot
2004 Deuce
Black with Brandywine Ghost flames
95" with Andrews 26 cams
Zippers air cleaner
Deweys air cleaner cover
180 rear tire
Stock Heritage head pipes with D&D slip ons
Corbin Seat
Diamond front Spokes
Chrome rear wheel
Wild 1 bars

Land vehicle Motorcycle Vehicle Motor vehicle Cruiser

Land vehicle Motorcycle Vehicle Car Chopper
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This bike is a real rice burnner eater!

2007 CVO Dyna
silver with Blue flames (H-D) paint
110 Cu In. 6speed
Stock looking pipes
Factory seat, wheels, and accessories
Everything about this bike looks exactly as it did setting on the showroom floor/ at least as far as the eye can see!:whistle:
Not one part that hasn’t been thoroughly massaged to go fast thou.

The Story
This build was for one purpose, and that was to knock a Yamaha out of the pushrod class record book at Bonneville. I have helped many of my friends run there, but this was my first complete build for me.
I already had a new 2007 fat boy for cruising and I really didn’t need another H-D. However, one day as I was helping my friend get ready for a run at Bonneville, I noticed that a Yamaha held the speed record in the 2000 cc production pushrod class. Now, that just went all over me as just not being right, as a matter of fact, I thought it was just plain wrong.
The way I have it figured, the pushrod classes should be reserved for old school type bike like H-D, Indians, Vincent’s, Triumphs, BSA’s, but “Yamaha; no way Jose”!

I bought this bike the next week and my son and I, along with friends work 8 weeks straight 7 days a week to get the bike ready to run at Bonneville.

When we finished the build and Dyno tuning it made over 152 HP at the tire, so we loaded it up and headed out to Bonneville.

The track conditions this year left a lot to be desired so running 6th gear was really not too safe. So I set the record in 5th gear running on the rev-limiter (145.048 MPH new SCTA Bonneville record) the old record was 133 MPH.

After returning from Bonneville we went to the Texas Mile and ran even fast (150.27 MPH), again in 5th gear for the standing mile.

I ride this bike on the street and boy what a kick it has when you roll on the throttle. Plans are to work with the gearing and go back to the Texas mile March 29-30, and back to Bonneville in September.

Until then look out Hayabusa’s%[email protected]



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Well here's mine,

2006 FLSTFSE2 Autumn Haze
124 R&R Motor w/Billet oval heads w/comp release
HP 151.5/TQ 163
Horsepower Inc. 58mm Throttlebody
Speed's High Velocity Air Cleaner
Static Compression Ratio 10.8:1
S&S Crankshaft
Camshaft S&S 640
S&S Roller Rocker arms
Rivera pro clutch
8mm hypo wires
R&B Racing LSR 2-1 Pro Stock 124 2" primaries C style 17" collector
Baker DD5 Builders kit, 2.94 firsr gear.
Chain final drive, DID Xring 530
200mm rear
A few red LED's under the tank.
Brembo 4 pad calipers front and rear w/12.6" front rotor, 11.5" rear

She is a beast, it will flat straighten your arms out..lol.
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Here she is..
My first custom build.
Took 1.5 years.
Ten shows entered; eight 1st and one 3rd place.

YR. 2002
Pro one frame (3 inch stretch) (Pro Quad suspension)
Fat Kat tank (aluminum)
120 cu. in. Merch (stage III)
Baker 6 speed
PM wheels / brakes
Corbin custom seat
Josh Stokes (rip n tear ) paint
Vtwin Obsession bars
Wicked Bros. (Warlock) pipes

This bike had been in my head for a number of years.
It was a unique experience to see her become a reality.
Seeing it go up against pro builders and win was one of the greatest times of my life. Land vehicle Motorcycle Vehicle Automotive tire Chopper

Land vehicle Motorcycle Vehicle Automotive tire Tire
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