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need idea on trans upgrade/replacement

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Ok heres the deal. I have a 95 ultra classic. It has 70,000+ miles. The bike has seen east, west and gulf coast as well as chicagos lake front. Now heres the bad, the trans is shot and needs either a gear set or complete replacement. My question is does anyone make a complete replacement besides baker? Are the decent? Yes baker is the best, but I cant afford one. If anyone recommends baker they have better be prepared to kick me the extra 2,000 its going to cost for baker. They have many brands out there and more coming out every week; revtech, ultima, primo, milwaukee vtwin, prowler ect ect. again dont even mention baker if your not prepared to purchase one for me. I gotta get this repaired soon as this summers ride is from Houston to chicago to connecticut and back to houston.
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Buy a complete OEM gearset on ebay, or find one from a local shop.

Normal going price is about 150, although I just picked one up for 80 bucks.

Get the latest year 5 speed gearset you can find.

What is wrong with your transmission?
will a used harley 6 speed fit in there also? do I have to change anything? speedo ect?
No, a Harley 6 speed will not fit. You must use a 6 speed transmission gearset designed to fit into a 5 speed case.
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