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Need help w/ purchase of DWG

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As a starting point only, a new '06 DWG from a dealer is about $18,000 out-the-door. Since a used one might be a better purchase, I went to eBay and found several bikes on which I could place a bid. So I need you collective experience to narrow the choices. These are the eBay item numbers (just search that way, quicker): 4599753403, 4599905680, 4598952884, 4599128017, 4598473038, 4599657704, 4599880982, and 4599694167.

My preference is for a late model, low-ish mileage, bike to which not much has been added or changed. And, not a lowered one either.

Any suggestions or help you can offer is much appreciated. I did make an offer on one of these DWG but it is very early in the bidding time.

Thanks much.
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I won't ever be mistaken for a mechanic, but I'll throw a response at you.

4599753403 - I'd skip. It has a salvage title. You just never know these days, especially if it floated up river from Lousianna. He has a good reputation, but the account is only 1 year old, not very long for such a major purchase.

4599905680 - Wouldn't even consider it. He tells you straight up that the bike came from flood damage. Salt water and metal don't play well together.

4598952884 - This bike certainly meets your desire for relatively low miles and mostly stock. My only conern is the sellers feedback. They've been in business for awhile, so that's good and most of their neutral/negative feedback is from people with no reputation of their own.

4599128017 - Same as the one above. Nice looking bike. I would definately talk to this dealer and ask for very detailed discription of bike, specifically dings, chipped paint, etc. Maybe even a reason why these bikes are on their lot. I do like the flames on this bike better than their other one, but who's to say via a picture.

4598473038 - Nice bike, almost brand new mileage-wise. Hesitant to buy from a "new" seller, but if you get a good price this looks promising. Again shoot them an email and ask why he's selling.

4599657704 - I'd pass this one for two reasons one, the tank will need to be replaced (repaired?) and that adds to your expense right up front. And two, it really isn't close to the minimal mods you had stated. The previous owner has changed out a lot of stuff.

4599880982 - If this guy maintained the bike like he did the yard in the background, you should be good to go. Nice looking ride, has the 80" engine. Nothing negative to say about this one. Just ask why they're selling it. Looks like a private seller with a good ebay reputation.

4599694167 - A nice bike although it also has a number of modifications. I noted in the pics they had SE heads on the bike and at the end of the add, the seller notes this and says "we don't know what other motor work has been done". You could be getting a great deal if the work was first rate by a reputable shop, but if they aren't forthcoming about who did the work you could wind up in trouble. I'd call the dealership and talk to a sales rep. Their add seems to be the most informative of all the bikes you listed.

Tried to give you a little something for each bike. Hope some of it actually helps you. No matter what you choose, I'd ask one of the others on the board here, to swing past and look at the bike if the auction isn't ending too soon. It never hurts to have one of the guys or gals on this board swing through somewhere and look it over for you. Most everyone on the board here is friendly enough and if you use the regional section at the bottom you could probably find someone close enough to the bike to swing by for you. You could always offer them a beer or a meal when you swing into town to pick up your new ride. Good luck and happy hunting.
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I thought I'd mention that I also live in Michigan and always go into Ohio when buying a HD. give Ben Breece HD a call, always msrp with free freight and set up. 419-523-4274 I've bought 4 bikes there since finding out about the savings there. it's well worth the ride and great people to deal with. small town dealer with small town prices.

good luck and ride safe.
1. if paying cash, and on A budget, buy local so you can talk to the owner, his service department, and touch-feel-see-ride the bike.
2. if financing, by all means get the 06 because you will get the new chassis, forks, clutch, trans, heads, etc.
and to finance a new bike through harley will allow you to go term that fits your monthly payment, you also get the free extended warranty they are offering and up to $1000 gift card.

i am sure there are some great deals on ebay ( or in your area) but if you save a couple grand and it costs more for repairs, ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and remember, in te previous years, most people paid over msrp, financed, and if they traded, the dealer had to give a premium n trade allowance, not good for you.
if someone paid cash a couple years ago, they think their bike is a money maker, not good for you.
while shopping for my bike, i found used for higher than new, or they had some big miles and were at the end of warranty.

hope my still waking fingers made sense!!!!
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To everyone who replied to my request for help, thank you very much. Interesting though that the 'dealer' in MN does not have any descriptions on the DWG for sale and my requests have gone un-answered. If anyone near Elk River MN can help, would appreciate it.
If you can swing the $, I'd go for an '06. There are a lot of nice changes on the '06. Be careful buying a bike (or anything for a lot of $$$) on ebay. Almost got burnt twice trying to buy a boat on ebay. Make sure the seller has good and a lot of feedback. Also any down payment use paypal.
Thanks again

I've watched the final sale prices on eBay, and for that amount of cash, I'd rather get a new '06 from a dealer, especially now w/ all the enhancements for '06. Thank you all for your suggestions and comments. I definitely learned a great deal (no pun intended!).
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