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Need baseline HSR jetting for TC95

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Hi guys & Gals,
I've got a TC95 with a Mikuni HSR42 carb, flowed heads, Andrews TW-21 cams and V&H Propipe exhaust. I just got it back from my wrench and need a good baseline jetting for my carb for break-in. Anyone out there have a similar setup?

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ok, for the benefit of the readers

This forum is quite dead, but I'll post my findings for the benefit of others that may have the same question.

97 needle with clip in middle.....70 pump nozzle
27.5 pilot..............................165 main

GENTLY bottom the air mixture screw and then open it 2 turns.

An even later reply

I hope that you didn't pay big bucks for the labor. I expect a lot out of the people that work on my bike including the assembly, tweaking, and service of any modification.

You shouldn't be guessing on baseline or have to rely on other readers of this forum. Your wrench should have set you up at a baseline based on experience and asked you to come back after a tank of gas to make any adjustments. Unless this wrench is your only choice, I would suggest a new shop or at least a new wrench.
Wrench a quack

Calling the guy that did the work on my bike a wrench is a compliment that he does not deserve. I almost sued him over the crap job that he did, but decided that it wasn't worth my time and trouble.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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