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Your site is nice, but sure is "busy"...lot's of topics. Just something to think about, you may want to consolidate some of the topics so it's less confusing. Also, by consolidating more folks will have the opportunity to learn from others. For example, the Dyna owners can learn from the Softtail owners and Sporty owners (and even an old iron owner like me) and vice versa, but by having separate topics for each specific model, a lot will be missed by all. It gets troublesome going from folder to folder when there are too many and some folks won't take the time to do so. Just an opinion.
Good Luck!

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thanks for the input

Figured if we posted ALL of the various bike classes and topics, we could give users the opportunity to post instead of "lurk". If we had a forum on a subject that they felt comfortable and familiar with, they would be more likely to post.

We are going to keep an eye on the forums that don't get used within the next month or so and possibly do some consolidation.

Thanks for your feedback and appreciate your support!
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