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Honestly, what is in Myrtle Beach now? It is nothing more than a tourist town and with the economy being what it is I cannot believe they are trying to run off business. The money they are going to loose from Bike week and the down turn is going to hit them hard and the extra tax money they put on their residents isn't going to sit very well next year after they spend all that money plus a lot more on lawyers to fight the lawsuits that have been filed. I have gone to MB bike week for a good while now and honestly the past several years it has gone down hill and while they keep saying the attendance is up every year I found it hard to believe. I think MB has become the arm pit of the southeast myself. My plans are to go the Outer banks bike week next year, they actually want us there and they don't have over inflated hotel prices....yet anways.
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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