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I've been lurking ariund here for a while and decided to do a Big Bore build on my 03 Road King Police FLHPI. So here goes. Comments and suggestions ared welcomed!!

1 - Head Quarters HVP Spin Dropped heads, 82cc chambers and compression releases.
2 - Axtell 107" (4-1/4"x4") cylinders and pistons. This will give me about 10.5-1 CR
3 - Head Quarters "Cyclone" HQ-0039-G gear drive cams w/S&S Gear Drive and install kit
4 - Joe's Cycle Repair 48.5mm Bored Throttle Body
5 - Fueling "Superpump" oil pump
6 - Fueling Lifters to match Superpump
7 - Delkron or Fueling Cam Plate
8 - Chrome Moly pushrods ??
9 - Power Commander III usb
10 - Bassani "Road Rage" 2-1 exhaust
11 - Rinehart True Duals
Still undecided on the exhaust!!! I have both. I really like the sound of the Rineharts!!
I have everything but the axtell cylinders and pistons.

Hillside Motorcycle and Machining is doing the machining and installing the cylinders and pistons.

Joe's Cycle Repair is boring the throttle body and doing the tuning and dynoing.

I'll put the rest of it together.

Eventually I'm installing a Baker Overdrive 6-speed.

Like I said, comments and suggestions are welcome. TIA!!

P.S. - Don't tell the Bro's. They think I'm doing a generic 95"!!! hehehe %[email protected]
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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