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A little about me.

I was born on a small island on the coast of Maine. I been riding on 2 wheels since early childhood when my father brought home a brand-new shiny Rupp Roadster one sunny Friday afternoon. That was 1967. I was 10 years old.

When I was a kid, our fathers were either boat builders or lobstermen. My mom worked at a sardine packing plant in the harbor. We didn't have no damn video games and MTV and all the bullshit kids live with now. All I had was the Wide World of Sports on Saturday afternoon. I was into motorcycles and snowmobiles and drag racing magazines and hot rods. What exposure to these things I could get as a child was limited to a hour drive to the mainland, where I could get some comics and magazines.

I went through many bikes until now. I had a Norton Commando, a BSA, and scores of rice burners. I have had 2 harleys that never made it out of basket-case status. Now I want one I can ride.

I got married young (18) and joined the USAF (mechanic). I'm now retired. I have 2 kids in college. One in Boston, one in North Carolina. The bills are making me sweat to keep up with them, but the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter. My wife has put her blessing on a new hog for me on one condition: I pay off her car first. I reckon I can afford a bike by August, and I can light my current ride on fire and drive it off a cliff (just kidding, relax).

So here I am in New Hampshire. Next month I'll be married 25 years and things are finally looking up (I'm a patient guy). The dealers here in NH aren't too friendly. I might just take someone's advice and buy out of state, but then again, I might just say the hell with it, due to the fact that even if I have to lay down $2000 over MSRP to get the damn thing, I woudl be paying that in state tax if I left NH. No sales tax is one of the reasons I moved here.

I'm glad I found this forum. You guys sound like a fine bunch. Maybe someday we can all meet up and swill some beers and talk bikes.

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Nice story. I'm retired USAF also. As for buying out of state you still don't pay tax. I have done this a couple of times. I paid the sales tax to the state I registered. If there is no sale tax in your state you don't pay. At least that's the way it used to work. Good luck with your new HD purchase.


My $.02 worth:)

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USAF Retired here too! Now it time to really have fun.
4 boys with 3 of them moved out! Filled up the empty space
quickly. Just turned 50 in November and
figured I'd better get a new ride before it was too late.
Got a 2002 Deuce in December, have 600 miles on it (not
too bad for Omaha, Nebraska, in the winter!)
Now have three bikes in the garage, Van, Car, two work benchs,
snow blower, lawn mower, shopsmith, 3 hanging peddle bikes, a unicycle, and lots of junk. Can't stuff any more.

I travel at bit within the US and internationally for my company and always make it a point to visit the dealers when I can. After searching for two years, I finally bought the bike 50 miles away in Red Oak, Iowa, for MSRP and it was in stock. For now, I'm happy...


Big Al

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Higmo, there's nothing shy about you bro. I liked the way you just jumped on in with a get-to-know you spill. It's great getting to know others and hearing of their beginings in motorcycles and a little bit about them. I think you may have influenced an idea for a new catagory. How about something like "My story" or "My beginning in riding" or something to that effect. You guys think that there would be a responce in a catagory like that? I know it would make for interesting reading and help get to know one another if people would respond to it. Just a thought.

Welcome to the forum and thanks.

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Higmo, thanks for sharing your bio.. I had a Rupp 50....very first scooter at about age 10, then move up to dirt rockets 125cc thru 400cc as a teenager.

We are not too far apart, maybe we can link up for a ride this Summer. What town in NH?.......I get up there often, have good friends in Merideth, Raymond, Laconia areas.

Well, hope you get the scoot of your choice, they say "All good things are worth waiting for"

Jimmy T

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JimmyK said:
My bio....

Had a great family growing up.

Was a rebel I suppose and don't know why.

1st bike was 1971. Chopped Trumpet 650.

1st conviction 1973 ( I think)

Went to CYA, via LA Co.

Got out.

Went back to CYA via LA Co, via Norco.

Got out.

Went to Norco via LA Co.

Got out.

Went to Norco via Orange Co on a dual shared with LA Co which put an A behind my N.

Got out.

Violated four times and Got out on the CA vs Morales Decision.

Got older / wiser.

Currently married 25 years to a gem. Have a great position in a fortune 500 Company. I fly for FREE and RIDE like HELL!

No criminal record for going on 15 years. Never had a traffic ticket because back in the day they said "The hell with the ticket, this boy is GONE!" ( In other words, I had Warrants that woud eat the ticket up anyway.)

I was rotten buy choice. I am by choice today an upstanding "citizen". (I still hate that word for some reason.)

I am an Independent Harley Rider. I share close beloved friends and brothers with both The Red and White ( And or it's known associates) and The Red and Gold ( And or it's known associates) . I have not been asked to nor do I choose between the two.

I have two brothers on this board that I love as such. I am three of three and proud of it.

I recognize that having said all this I may be shunned. I would rather be shunned for being me than try to be ANYONE else but me. I like me, and am proud of me. Both my parents, God Rest their souls, died proud of their son. My daughter is proud of her dad. My wife is proud of her husband. My brothers love me and are proud to call me brother. That is all I care about. So, that be.......

Hey JimmyK...Not important where you been...It's where your going....

BTW....I got a parking ticket one time and refused to pay it!!! LOL..

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Your story brought back some really good memories for me. You sound as though your life was a mirror image of that of my best friend. He is (was) the closest thing to a brother that I've ever had. Unfortunately, cancer got him at the age of 29. That was back in 1985.

Whenever he and I weren't hangin around, he'd get busted and sent off to some detention center. As we got older the same thing happened, but it was more serious and he'd get more time.

Trouble happened to run in the family. His brothers were in and out fairly often, and believe it or not, his Grandmother supposingly dated "Pretty Boy Floyd"! I knew her and I believe it.

Getting back to the story . . . he introduced me to my first experience with a jockey shift. Man was I cool! Went up the street shifting like I knew what I was doin! Once I pulled into my driveway, well ... I was glad that the house was in the way to stop me! I found out real quick that draggin my feet wasn't gonna stop me and the bike very quick! We both got a good laugh from that.

I miss him. After he died, I bought my first bike. It was a 76 Superglide. Looked buttugly stock, so naturally I had to rip it apart and put on fatbobs, baby apes, drag pipes, paint it, and in general - make the wife mad because I did all the work in the Kitchen. She didn't mind too much except when the brake fluid squirted up to the ceiling. She also never let me drill holes in the kitchen table so that I'd have a place to mount the engine. Women just don't realize that these things have to be done!

Well, I guess I've gone on long enough. But before I end this story, let me say, JimmyK, that if you are ever in the Atlanta area, I'd like to buy you a beer. You sound a lot like the bro that I lost. And if anyone is familiar with Florissant, Mo., you might know him. His name was Bill Thorpe, aka "slugger", aka "animal".

Thanks for the memories,

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Greetings StrayDog!

All I can say is your your ability to recall a brother and fondly do him honor says volumes.

Some how, some way, some day, we will tip that Beer in honor of your brother.

Won't go on now just to hear myself type. Your post was cool.

Much respect!

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Hello Folks,

I'm a newbie to Harleys, so cherry I'm waiting for my '02 FatBoy to arrive. I'm so excited I don't know how I'm gonna make it til the BIG DAY

While I'm chillin', I'll take a crack at this...

I too had a good family, my parents had five boys. My dad was an enlisted man, my mom was a school secretary. I guess were were poor (lower middle class) but I never new it. We never had alot but never went without...anything important.

After high school, I went to college right away...screwed around and flunked out almost immediately. I worked several different manual labor gigs, for example, I was a hoddie during the day and a bouncer a night (Cheyenne had a cool biker bar in the late 70's, but it went **** up in the early 80's). I worked like a dog but never seemed to get anywhere. Definitely no money for a nice putt.

My defining moment was a cold day in January 1983, we were putting up a stone wall and I was freezing my nutz off. I remember thinking "if I can't cut this when you're 23 how am I gonna cut it when I'm 53?" Light bulb goes on..I go back to school.

So now I'm a 23 year old freshman, I bagged my BS in five years (changed majors once). I earned a PhD in biochemistry in seven years. I'd like to say I paid my own way, but my folks helped as they could, I worked and took student loans to cover the rest.

I did a two year fellowship in Seattle then landed my current job at a major research institution on the east coast. So I got a 9-5 gig. I live in a nice house, I have a nice truck, the IRS *loves* me.

Best day of my life..Oct 9, 1994, the day I got married.

Worse day of my life.. Dec 27, 1997..my baby brother was murdered by a crack dealer. I'm not ever getting over that one.

So that its it. Some may call me a RUB but those dudes don't know me, they don't know sh*t about me. You do.


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