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I actually didn't start riding again until last year. I'd had a minibike as a kid, but when I got too big, I never got on one again. Enter my best friend and brother... Both bike enthusiasts and both riding my butt like a diaper for the better part of the last 10 years!

I ended up taking the motorcycle safety course at a local community college after buying a 2004 Honda VTX-1300C. It was really cool looking! Black with chamaeleon flame paint. That was where the positives ended.

Hondas are noted as being maintenance free and dependable, right? Not this one... Now, I should preface this by saying that my best friend has the same bike, but a couple years newer and hasn't had a lick of trouble with it, so...

Anyway, my X ran rich. REALLY rich! As in carbon-fouled front spark plugs and OIL FOULED back plugs. I tried EVERYTHING to get it running right. I re-jetted it, bought different baffles for the Bub Jughugger pipes on it, put a new heavy breathing air cleaner on it with a K&N air filter. NOTHING worked... I went out to fiddle with it one morning and checked the oil to find it smelled like gas. THAT was the last straw...

About a week later, I had a new 2011 Fatboy sitting in my garage... And now here I am! Just in time to think about putting it away for the winter! Lol! Anyway... Glad to be here!

Den :USA:
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