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Good Points

I see a lot of good points in all of these posts, but I still wish we could get through to H-D management somehow. I have owned or ridden just about every bike out there. I hate to say it, but to me nothing beats the feel of a Harley, subsequently I own and ride one. But I am really disappointed in the way the dealers treat customers and the Factory just let's it go on.

I know that the H-D could stop all of this crap by standing up for their customers and standing up to their dealers. They just do not seem interested however. If they were to pay attention to forums like this one, perhaps they would see the future..or in this case the lack of a future. I'm old enough to remember when we were all loyal to the American auto manufacturers, but they pee'd on that rug and haven't recovered yet. When I get the fever for a new bike my business will go to the company that earns my business and makes the best bike. Right now it looks like that could very well be something other that H-D.
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