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Maybe it's me, don't know, but I just purchased my new V-Rod and the dealer I purchased it from was very concerned how I filled out the customer survey. They did me very right, and wanted to make sure I was happy. At first I thought they were ok, but after reading what happened to a lot of you, it sure make me feel real good.

For starter I paid less than MSRP, only $75 but that is something. And then on top of that they gave me 15% off all my parts/accessories. I had a great experience with my Dealer, and will go back to them. I try to purchase something every time I am there to help support them, any thing from a pin to a tee for the kids. I saw one post where the guy was happy paying $600 over MSRP and the Dealer added $1,200 of chrome on top of that. I can't relate to a bad experience, the worst thing for me was the wait; H-D was about 30 days behind in production, so my date slipped too.

I don't dislike H-D, I think they put out a great product and have come to realize, that I had a great Dealer, Frederick H-D, Frederick MD. But the bottom line to all this is I think Harley is pay attention to the dealer feed back that customer provide in the form of the survey they send you. Tell them what you think, fill it out and send it back, if you aren't happy let them know, you didn't send it back and blew it off; shame on you, you need to let the MoCo know what's going on. And I fully believe that the MoCo could benefit from the Board. But like I said before, in other posts, they are concerned about the use of the name, it's all about the name.

My 2 cents
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