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My frist motorcycle

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I got my firt trail bike at 10. I got my frist streetbike when I was 15. Thats the age I started riding on the street as well (on my enduro). 36 years passed before I got my frist Harley. As I look back I keep kicking myself for not getting that Fat Bob I could of for $3000 back in 1979. It wasent to frist mistake I made ether. As of today I have a 45,000 miles on not one but two Harleys I own, my 1st a Sporster and my newer FXDXT. Hi to all and ride safe...

Yamaha twin 100 Dirt: Gemeni 80
Yamaha Enduro 250 Yamaha 80
Suzuki 360 (tripple) Yamaha 175 (still have it)
Kawasaki kz400 Suzuki 350
Honda cb450
Yamaha xs1100 (still have it)
Yamaha FZR-600 (faster than the 1100)
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Welcome Kags, it sounds like you have a stable full of bikes or ones that you have owned in the past. If i'm not mistaken you had a comment on your FXDX in a national motorcycle magazine....cool. I hope that you enjoy the forum with us and looking forward to your posts.

Hi, kags! Welcome aboard.

Betcha after a couple beers, everyone here will admit to a mistake or two. ;)
Welcome to the forum,Kags!

Looking forward to hearing from ya.
Yes CW mag use a few thoughts of mine about my FXDXT. I said "I love my Dyna T Sport" and I still do.
Welcome aboard Kags. Do you own any cars or trucks. If so when do you have time to ride/drive them all.:)
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