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My first Harley

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I'm here today to introduce myself to the forum. I have been riding for years. I do a lot of my own wrenching. I decided to spoil myself with a Harley last year. The biggest reason was I quit smoking and drinking alcohol. Had a lot of spare time on my hands and some extra spending money. Decide on a 2001 Electra glide ultra classic. Here it is a year later and have use this forum many times as help on my upgrades and repair to my ultra. This winter had me doing some big jobs.
1. Gear drive cams.
2. Primary oil leak and tensioner replacement.
3. True duals exhaust.
4. Power command 3 USB
To name a few. Plan on coming here alot. Hope I can help others too.
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Welcome from central NY. Looks like yer off to a good start :beer4u:
Good intro.

Welcome from FL.
Welcome to the forum from Central Texas. Congrats with the change in lifestyle, a very wise decision I wish I had made earlier in life. Love my ultra.
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