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klondike said:
Well had this done last summer. Have put just a little over 10k miles on it since with 4 oil changes. Full synthetic. Removed the end caps from the longshots and am running Thunder Monsters. Build is pretty mild, Big Boyz street ported heads, S&S 510c cam(new tensioners, pads and chain), barrels bored to 96", KB cast flat top pistons and .030 cosmetic gasket, DFO, Big Sucker, and the pipes.

The weather has been so nice here in Jan. Since Dec 27th I have put 3 full tanks through the scoot. To say this thing is just getting better is an understatement. Especially since taking the end caps off the longshots. Can't figure out why either. I mean the mid range and upper end is an arm stretcher for sure. Sounds better than any other HD I have heard too. Especially getting off the throttle. No backfiring or sneezing or anything. I think the mid range pull is much better with the end caps off too. Anyways I was concerned about not putting gear drives in it etc. But am happy as a pig in **** with the way it turned out. DIdn't have much luck with the PC I purchased so went back to the DFO and have not regretted one bit. Good mpg's, no backfiring, spitting and runs like a raped ape. keepem sharp
Glad you are happy, I believe it took some time to figure out the configuration.
No luck with pullung gas through the tank around here. May take until April to get back on the road
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