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Selling my modified Mustang Wide touring seat. Short nose for Road Kings/Street Glides

Mustang part number 75464

Also included driver backrest.

Mustang part number 79067

I had the seat modified by a professional upholstery shop. The driver portion has been modified so that you sit approx 3/4 lower and further back than standard with this seat, which corrects the chief complaint many have with the seat (that it sits too high and too far forward)

In addition, the passenger section has been rounded off slightly at the front, and a 3/4” thick cross gel pad added that greatly increases the comfort for the passenger. The cross gel does not retain heat like a solid gel pad does. Looks like this:

You can see and read more about this material at:


(look under recreation products)

The seat is only about a month old, but has one cosmetic blemish. On the side of the seat, is a small burn hole about 1/8”. it has been patched from the back and will not fray, and is not that noticeable. Would easily be covered by a concho, stud, small HD emblem or such. But because of the flaw, I'm selling the seat/backrest for a steal.

$300 plus shipping for both seat and driver backrest. Thats about HALF of what you would pay new, not including the modifications. I prefer pay-pal

Photos of the modifications & flaw:

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