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jkane said:
I am considering the Mustang studded seat for my wife's Dyna. She is as high as she can be with the stock seat. I was wondering if anyone has replaced the stock Dyna 05 seat with the Mustang studded with back rest one. If so, how did it move you. I'm hoping for forward and down a bit. If it's up and back, that might not be the best fit for her.
Not sure which seat you are refering to but... I got a non-studded wide vintage solo w/backrest for my 05 FXD and it put me 1" to 1 1/2" forward, way too much for me. I don't know about the up or down, seat wasn't on the bike long enough to tell. I returned it.

Hope this helps.

For me at least, the stock 2-up seat is about right front to back- could be a bit higher for leg position on midpegs, but the handle bars needed to come up 3" and pull back 2" to get right hand position and keep me from leaning over tank (and hurting my back). No one makes a set of risers to do this. I used 4 1/2" high pullbacks (which I may wind up cutting down to 3"-3 1/2" later) and turned the bars down slightly. Not the best hand position but not too bad. I couldn't move seating position forward cause this cramped my feet on the stock-location midpegs. However, "stock", the HD type highway pegs are too far forward. I used Kurikan 'X' Tensions on the stock chrome plates and wide Iso-pegs to move location back some and help my rt knee to clear the aircleaner. Went 625 miles one weekend, no cramps and no lingering stiffness (I'm 62-good test of fit!).

Good luck!
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