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If I were to (IMHO) GUESS ... I would say they are on the wrong cylinders ( Front to Rear) ...
I would use a TAPE MEASURE from the HEAD to your Blue TAPE on BOTH Mufflers ...
SINCE they appear identical EXTERNALLY
& attempt to make both as "EQUAL" length as possible from what you have according to the INTERNAL length
which would / should make the back-pressure better ... with what you actually have

[email protected]@D LUCK

I picked up a set of take offs for my 2004 Heritage. I got sick of listening to Screaming Eagles and they are now nesting in the local landfill. Much nicer ride. After the install I noticed that the distance from the baffle to the end of the muffler is not the same in both mufflers. See photo- the blue tape signifies where the baffles are. I don't remember them being marked "front" and "rear" but they are definitely different. I think the reason is to make each pipe have the same distance from the head to the end of the baffle. In that case, these are on wrong and need to be reversed. Right now the back pressures are unequal. Thanks.
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