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I have an Audiovox, but my mount set-up will work with any XM:

Wired XM modulator under the fairing hooked to the stock radio through the antenna jack with the wires for the XM running out the right inner-fairing hole. Advantage is that it detects the XM radio when powered up and the modulator switches to XM signal. Includes power cable for the XM radio (make sure it is the same size plug -- they were all the same last year) so it can be hard-wired and not use the cig lighter. $50 available at most big-box stores as well as Two Wheel Radio.

Radio mounted to a Cycle Solutions Harley mount (inappropriately called a Roady mount). Bolts on to either the brake or hydraulic clutch reservoir and provides a nice place to put the magnetic mount antenna. $32 black, $54 chrome.

Did a lot of researching and looking before I put this set-up on my '05 Ultra. PM me if you'd like more info or picture of the mount.

Darrell 'Ghost' Kasper
2005 Ultra Classic
Mahomet, IL
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