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Motorcycle Literature

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Anybody here like to read? I do, and naturally, if it has something to do with motorcycles, all the better. I think this thread could be a good place to exchange titles of great biker-related reading. Magazine's and service manuals (although a must-read) don't count! I'll start by recommending a few titles. First and foremost is...

"Twist of the Wrist" by Kieth Code.
Don't understand countersteering? Want to improve your skills on the twisties? Read this book. It is definitely geared more towards the sport bike crowd in general and track riding in particular, but the basic concept of riding a motorcycle is the same regardless of your steed. There's a ton of good info in there.

"Hells Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga" by Hunter S. Thompson
A literary classic! Follow along with the author's escapades with the Hells Angels in the 60's. This is a pretty easy read and rather entertaining. 'Nuff said.

"Channeling Biker Bob" Parts 1 and 2 by Nik Colyer
Two separate books based on a spiritual being named "Biker Bob" who's mission in [after]life is to make men more aware of taking back their manhood in a sissified, politically correct society. These are self-improvement books for men and put in the context of bikers. Helluva good story too! I couldn't put either one down.

So what have you read? :corn:
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Under and Alone - William (Billy) Queen
"Detours. Life, Death, and Divorce on the Road to Sturgis." By Richard LaPlante.

LaPlante is a writer and rider recountiing his trip to Sturgis in 1997 and how it makes him reflect on the recent trials in his life, such as his divorce and the death of his father. The book is a day-by-day account of the trip from Long Island to Sturgis. Detailed writing of weather, other rideers, scenery, various on the road experiences that brought back a lot of memories to me. Both humorous and serious parts.

Also by LaPlante is "Hog Fever". Written before "Detours", this is not as well written but it's a tongue-in-cheek look at the re-birth of his motorcycle fever in middle age and serves to lay the foundation for many of the stories told in "Detours". Takes place during the time he lived in England, which makes the whole Harley thing a bit of a different story in itself.
"Ghost Rider" by Neal Peart of Rush.
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Sparring with Charlie:Motorbiking Down the Ho Chi Minh Trail

I think the VN vets among us would find this most interesting.
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