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Motorcycle Ice racing?

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I got asked today if I knew anyone in the area that was putting on a motorcycle ice racing event in Central New York?

A whaaatt?!!!!

I grew up on Oneida lake and I've seen some cars and trucks out there racing ... but motorcyles? Anybody else hear of such crazy *hit? The person asking me has a brother coming to town from NJ that wanted to be involved. I for one don't even want to go outside it's so damn cold right now, but if someone is putting on this event, hell yeah I'll go watch.
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Hell yeah !!! A guy I work w/ goes out every weekend. He runs dirtbikes w/ studs or enduros w/ studs. I've never been, but from what I'm told they run oval tracks and may do drags. Too damn cold to get me out there.
DJW said:
Habanero, where are they running, certainly not on Ontario yet, and Canadaguia can't be that frozen yet can it?. (and of course the genesee river can't freeze LOL)
I think it's Hemlock they're running. I'll ask him at work today and get some more info.
Apparently there is going to be an event in 'Cuse this weekend. That'll be indoor. Average Joe's are going to Honeyoye Lake up here and having a blast.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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