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Motor noise

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I’ve got a 2001 roadking and about 500 miles or so ago my motor had been making a lot of ticking noises I’m thinking it’s the rockers or something of that sort if anyone could help me figure out what it could be I would appreciate it https://youtu.be/yDpNSX0Im-M
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If you haven't implemented any changes to the motor a lifter might not pump up properly or you need rocker lockers. Is it in all rpm ranges?

I mostly hear it at low rpm
I have an 01 TC88 and they have slop in the valve train from the factory. I installed rocker lockers in mine and that made a big difference. Much quieter now.

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I don't worry about the hydraulic units failing. the lifter rollers are the real culprits... ask any one who has had one fail,,, these are a single tick,,, somewhat like a single lifter is bled down,,, a real engine slayer... an experienced w
ear is a must to diagnose one,, or a removal of the cams and lifters to do a visual...
these engines make some noises some are no real worries,,, others are the end of the engine
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