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2002 fxdxt at around 9000 miles. Front motor mount isolater splits and I have to get a new one for $117, tax included. In the short time I rode the bike like this apparently the engine/frame alignment went screwy and I took it to the shop to get "trued". I noticed on the day I took it there I had trouble with the starter. Sure enough, my wrench calls and tells me I need a new starter. To make me feel better he tells me that his Dyna (>100 hp) at 22,000 miles is on it's 3rd starter. Least expensive 1.4 volt starter from Drag Specialties is $260. We haven't gone into the labor charge yet. Man, I thought I would save money using my scoot instead of the car.
Any of you have starter or engine mount problems? Or am I just lucky?

Fred in Raleigh
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