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Hey there,

I'm Kelly Motherwell, I'm the owner of Motherwell Products USA Inc.

My first bike was a Harley FXR. I got it in 1984. Harley was doing this promotion where they would fly you out to meet the Director of Marketing if you bought a new bike. So I went on a fly-and-ride! Flew down to Harrisburg, PA to pick up my new bike. My friends drove down and met me there, and we all drove back to Alberta. Obviously I'm still a Harley owner. I have a 2013 Street Glide currently.

I started the company in Canada back in '94 (I still live in BC, but we now operate out of Ferndale, WA, which is just south of the US/CAN border.) back before Solo Racks were a thing. I hated all the luggage options out there. I wanted to be able to bring a 6-pack to the party, but not have it look bulky or ugly when nothing was on it. I am a Journeyman Welder/Fabricator by trade, and I decided to make my own rack in my spare time. My friends convinced me it was a good idea to try to sell them, and basically the rest is history! I'm living my dream - I get to work around fun machines all day (the laser cutter is my favorite) and dream up new racks, backrests, and sissy bars for everyone to enjoy.

We're small at Motherwell - we have about 4 people working here, including myself - but we're a solid team. I love that we're all close and work well together. Also, you can guarantee that when you call about an order or an issue, you'll be talking to either myself or Brenna, the Office Manager. That's rare these days!

I can't wait to get to know you all better, and if there is anything you need, feel free to reach out to us!


2017 CVO breakout
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Welcome Kelly
I was looking for a small luggage rack for my breakout, and found your website. Purchased a black powder coated rack that fits the breakout perfect.
Thanks Bob
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