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Ok, I did a sweet build on my bike and thought I had all the bugs worked out.

Here is the build..SE CNC ported heads, 10:5.1 forged pistions, exact fit pushrods, se251 cams, baisley spring, new bearings, 45mm mikuni carb, 310 cca battery and i did a rebuild on the starter (all balls starter clutch)

Here is the problem..It is eating the starter pinion gear. So far it has trashed 2 and now the ring gear is eat up. I got a compufire 10:82 to put in but I'm also changing the gear ratio fron 3:15 to 3:37 so I'm waiting on my new clutch basket before I install the compufire...Anyone know why the bike keeps eating the pinion gear? I'm thinking 10:5 to 1 may be to much compression but the compufire is 144 bucks so I don't want to trash that...Help

I can put a new pinion gear in and it will last about a week........

O and by the way, i do use the compression releases (10 mm)

Anyone seen a similar problem?
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