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Mods and Warranties

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I'm buying a new 09 Cross Bones and deciding on getting the extended service plan (5 years) which is an extra $1000 on the MSRP or just keeping the regular service plan (2 years) that cost nothing extra. My question is what mods can I do without breaking the warranty on the bike? I don't wan't to spend the extra $$$$ if the first thing I'm going to do is put a new air cleaner, get a fuel pack and new exhaust and void it. Thanks for any advice or suggestions.
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1. Shop for the Extended Service Plan. You can buy it from another dealer, not just the dealership that sells the bike. Some guys have saved significant $$$ buying from Zanotti's.

2. The EXP is NOT a warranty, so it can have stricter limitations on covered repairs than the MOCO warranty.

3. Read the EXP and look at the provisions for exclusions from coverage--it has some pretty limiting terminology on mods which many dealerships ignore and provide coverage, but others are not so customer friendly. It's a standard form contract and your dealer should have a blank version available for you to read.

4. Generally, an a/c, slip-on muffler, and fuel pak change isn't going to cause problems warranty-wise or ESP-wise.
Most dealers are pretty good about separating the mods from what is faulty. Just keep in mind the warranty allows for pretty much any excuse to not repair something under warranty. So, the interpretation of the warranty can vary greatly from dealer to dealer.

Like something with the transmission, mods to the pipes aren't going to look like the cause of the defect. However, it is feasible to burn out a valve due to incorrect AFR if you put on a FI controller and inadvertently cause your bike to run lean.
Do you like to wrench??
Do your own work and fuk the warranty.
Search Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act to see how any changes can affect your warranty.
Here is a copy of the non-covered items from the policy. Pay attention to number 14. Not that you couldn't get any coverage, but it does give them an out.

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Year around rider.

Thanks for the question. Hope this helps. Stealers (no disrespect intended) will also tell ya that the leg bone is connected to the hip bone, and if that goes due to a mod yer sheeeet out a luck.:spank:

I have the additional 5 year includeing tire and rim replacement policy. Mine has paid for itself. Glad I got it.:clap: Course the only time I dont use the bike is when it rains ,and then rains too hard.

Got ta ask yourself what kind of rider are you.:cool:
PS: Tire and Rim policy

Ask them to include the tire and rim policy and get it in writing. They will replace both tires once a year if they get nails in them. not repaired , replaced. Further more they will replace the rims, if they are damaged due to the flat.
Great Info.

Thanks for all the info.. Seems like the tire and rim deal would pay for it's self.. hmm tire seems to be worn a bit then it gets a nail.. On accident ofcourse..lol.. Thanks for the help!!!
Here is a copy of the non-covered items from the policy. Pay attention to number 14. Not that you couldn't get any coverage, but it does give them an out.

IMHO that policy with the # 14 provision isn't worth buying, if you go to a wider tire or different size wheel, if you change shocks or lower the bike, or change the exhaust it voids the warranty unless approved by MOCO... The only way around that is buying all HD parts... Then if they have the little checkered flag by there discription the parts is for for racing only which voids the warranty... It's a catch 22... I say forget the warranty if you plan to improve the bike... JMHO
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