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Modified Throttle Body

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I have a friend with with a 98 RK and he wants to put a modified throttle body on the bike.

I think that the heads are the restriction, and unless you open them up, the throttle body won't offer it's full potential.

Won't the intake be a restriction and have to be changed.

Does anyone know the flow rates on the stock evo heads.

If you have put on a larger throttle body I would like to know the other mods and the results

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I think you are right the intake would have to be made to handle that much more fuel just because it bigger does not mean it goes in as easy if the hole ain't no bigger on the head intake
Wow....this thread is only 8.5 yrs old!
I believe that would have been the first or second month of the forums existence
Check out his (Hotrodlowrider)sig, he hasn't posted in a while, maybe he's cool, or cold as the case may be
Speaking of throttle bodies. I have one off an '08 TBW touring. I know someone who wants to experiment with it. Just gotta bring it to him. Be interesting to see what he comes up with.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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