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Ive been using synthetics since about 1978 when I used it in a four wheeler differential. It was fab then, and I believe it is superior now. All the bad rap is mostly due to using the wrong weight or having bad seals or weak seals(old), or not letting the break-in complete enough.
When one is putting so much money into a loved project, I can see why they may be hesitant with all the rumors. But the fact is that synthetics, when researched well and used properly, are absolutely unbeatable.
Guys spend thousands for parts & hop ups, then quibble over a 20$ oil change cost. Dont compute in my book. I have it in my 94 FLHTCU, and my 02 Explorer, my wifes 98 Escort, and an old 88 ranger 4 cyl. The ranger has 192000 miles on it, the escort has 130000 mi, and the others are too low miles to bother mentioning. But gas mileage is great, wear is great, no oil burning or loss, no leaks. I chnge at 5000 mi on each, regardless of time.
Use your head and use the right weights on each & pick your brand, it really doesnt matter too much which brand.
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