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lasher55 said:
Always used Mobil 1 in my Harleys. Not the Vtwin stuff ,just the off the shelf stuff. Never had an oil related problem. Change the motor oil at 4000 miles most of the time, but seems like a waste of good oil. Old oil always has new oil feel to it if you know what I mean.Unlike regular motor oil after 4000 or 5000 miles that looks and feels like it needs to be changed.

Check out this site, has some interesting stuff on Mobil 1: neptune.spacebears.com/cars/stories/mobil1.html

I know...I Know it is not a Harley motor but makes you think you may be waisting some money on oil changes :dunno: Need to let these guys do some testing on Harley oils.:cheers:
You should be able to go 5000 miles on that oil minimum.
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