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When I stored the bike away, 2 1/2 years ago, I had a problem with the engine missing, backfiring. The rear cylinder was always showing signs of running too rich, black smoke out the exhaust, black sooth on the spark plug. I changed spark plugs and cables. I suspect something wrong with the CV carb. I used to take it apart every spring to clean it and remove any gumming from old gas (it's stored all winter long). I suspect 3 things:
1) the choke doesn't seals properly
2) the idle mixture screw is improperly re-assembled
3) My main jet is too big

For #2, I took apart the idle mixture screw, and the spring, washer and o-ring fell out and I didn't notice the order in which they go back in, the FSM carb disgram doesn't show the idle mix screw assembly order, anybody can tell me the order,
For #3, I was experimenting with different air cleaner set-ups, and opened-up 50/50 HD mufflers and felt like it was necessary to go to a bigger main jet, 1 step-up from stock, I'm now wondering if that's a good idea?
For #1, how to tell if the choke is sealing OK? when it's closed.

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