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Missing in 5th gear

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Greetings all. I have an unusual problem in 5th gear that i've yet to pin down. I have a couple of ideas about what it might be... but nothin definate.
Maybe someone has knowledge of what this is:
I have an early '84 FXRS Low Glide with an Evo top and Shovel bottom/tranny w/chain drive. The problem arises after i shift into 5th gear. I get what can only be described as a miss in the transmission, ie, a disengagement and immediate engagement, that causes a lurching effect. This is a spuratic (not exactly at the same spot every revolution) but constant slippage [kinda like morris code (?)].
I have no leakage from the MDG bearing (that i can find), and there is no noise during shifting into or out of gear. This is not an ignition prob, nor is it clutch slip. It is definately in the transmission.
I just replaced the clutch plates, steels and pressure plate, and the sympom has continued. First through Fourth gear is gravy.
This is driving me crazy!
I've had this bike for 6 years now, and this is the only serious problem that i've had with her.
Please, If someone knows anything about this, give me a holler.
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sounds like its time for some trans work could be anything from maindrive gear ,shift fork, shifter drum ,set up to slider gear,door bearings, and it is 22 years old time for a look see
:duh?: Now theres some information i can use...

I was hoping that maybe someone has experienced this type of a problem before and might shed some light as to Isolate the problem. The obvious not included. ~Thanks
shvlution said:
:duh?: Now theres some information i can use...

I was hoping that maybe someone has experienced this type of a problem before and might shed some light as to Isolate the problem. The obvious not included. ~Thanks
Ok, this has a rear chain drive, is it enclosed in an oil bath or is it exposed? Why do you think it has a shovel bottom end and a EVO top end? The 84 FXRS was the first year EVO motor.

And I will say that I AGREE 100% with what OTTO said in his post. All the things he listed are possible causes. What you are asking is for someone to pinpoint your problem without getting a chance to see, feel, ride, listen or otherwise checkout the bike. That is unrealistic, what you are going to get is guesses. Someone may hit it but OTTO did a good job of covering most of the bases. The last part of his comment was to LOOK AT IT. Again I agree 100%, no mater what is wrong with it, you won't know until you go in and start looking for it.

Also remember he took some time out of his day to offer YOU help. Did you think your smartass responce was a way of saying thanks? Do you think it encourages others to want to help and offer you advice?

If your new here you should read the FAQ's

FAQ's said:
2. Flaming of other members will not be tolerated. You cannot verbally attack another member just because you do not agree with his or her post. Everybody is entitled to voice their opinion via this forum.
In order to exercise that right, your posts must be done so in a respectful, tasteful manner.
shvlution said:
It is definately in the transmission.

Well, if you're sure, I guess you gotta get in there.

Like Otto said, there are a number of possible causes inside the box, but there is no way of knowing without getting in there.

Coffee time :)
for shvlution's benefit..........

because Otto is a humble guy that let's his work speak for itself, I will tell you a little bit about the guy you just dissed.

He's an independent shop owner that specializes in drivetrain rebuilds and performance mod's for Amercian made V-Twins. He worked for about 20 years in 2 different H-D dealerships until the corporate culture overtook the family feel of the business. When he left to do his own thing, he was the head dyno tuner and I would guess the chief technician there. He got the dragbike bug about 10 years ago, he now campaigns 3 dragbikes(PE, Pro-Mod, X-Mod) and as of yesterday, has plans for a 4th. In 1996 was the crew chief on a national champion AHDRA dragbike and now runs his own and has been wrenching and driving those over the last several years to be in the top 5 nationally in points. Basically, there isn't anything he can't fabricate or fix in his shop.

He is the best wrench I could find in my local area to work on my bike. He trained 3 of the 4 tech's at my local dealer and they all respect him for his 6th sense about solving tough problems.

You can pretty much take what Otto says to the bank. Now, when you get inside your tranny and find out you have more questions based on MORE information gained from seeing what is going on inside, ask them in a respectful manner. There are some really talented people here that give information for free and they don't have to do that, they could be working on something that pays.

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