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jay 21 said:
where did you get the pic of the super low black sporty with the fender that sits on the tire???

Your talking about this scooter Kics a$$ doesn't it ! I have gave serious thought (and still am) to doing that, but there is a couple of issues with it:

1.) do I really want to cut of my frame behind the upper shock mounts?

2.) it makes me wonder how this is possible? One would think when you hit a bump and the swingarm pivots up or the rest of the bike down the rear fender brackets he made would bust, or maybe the sides of the rear fender would bulge out ????

I posted question number two in this thread , and no one could answer it.

So I deduced one or two answers, the rear finder is hinged under the seat and floats with the swingarm, or the shocks are welded in one posistion and are for looks, making this a rigid frame

To answer your question that picture came off www.xlshed.com
I posted a message on there wanting to talk to the owner of the bike and never got a reply.......................

Again that sucker rocks

as far as the website goes, thanks. Why dont you write up a product review of your front end and I will post it on the site. I dont think you ever answered my questions about the riser in your thread :D

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i'd love to do a write up for ya, just be patient as this is my busy time at work for about the next month but i'll start it up soon.

checked out the pics on xl shed and i think the fender pivots at the upper shock mount and terminates with no splash guard. the wide tire kits i've heard mixed reviews but still may like to do it one day.
check out www.sportster.perilith.com
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