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I didn’t like the looks of the stock installation of the mini-beast air horn so here is
how I mounted one on my Heritage Classic. The following pics try to show some important clearance considerations. This thing JUST BARELY fits. Since the location
I used causes the horn to be very close to moving parts (belt, guard…etc.) it is very important to make sure that there is no interference. You have to consider interference
as the rear suspension travels. If you try this please be careful.

Remove the mini-beast chrome horn cover and discard it. The horn is too “thick”, so pic #1 shows the metal that must be removed. Look under the metal to be cut and notice the plastic horn housing. Cut below the plastic.

Pic #2. I replaced the stock belt guard mounting bolt with a grade 8 (stronger) bolt
that the horn is mounted on. 5/16-18 x 1.5 inches. Use nuts and washers to allow the necessary clearances shown in pictures #4 and #3. I used blue loctite during final assembly.

Pics #3 and #4 show the clearances that are necessary. On a Heritage, don’t underestimate or misunderstand pic #3. The saddle bag mounting bracket can hit the horn as the rear suspension travels. You need to consider the clearance in pic #3 as the rear suspension travels up and down. Also, make sure that the horn is not pushing the drive belt pulley guard into the pulley (see pic #4).

Finally, pic #5 shows a view of the horn after everything is buttoned-up.

I used the wires in the supplied wiring harness but only after removing/cutting/crimping new connectors which was necessary because the horn and relay are not where they are supposed to be. I found a spot for the relay under the seat. Be careful running wires between the horn and relay/battery/ground under the seat. There must be enough slack in the wires at the pivot point for the rear suspension as it travels. Be careful that the wires are routed such that they don’t get pinched or cut by the rear fender as the suspension travels. I plan to inspect mine regularly for a while just to be sure. FYI…I tried to electrically ground the horn near where I mounted it. I discovered that the rear unsprung suspension parts (i.e. axle and general vicinity) are not electrically grounded so you have to go back up near the battery to find a ground.

I was a little concerned that adding the weight of the horn to the unsprung suspension might affect the handling of the bike. I haven’t been able to notice any difference in handling though I ride pretty conservatively.
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