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howdy people,

first, I bow down in awe at some of the set-ups I'm encountering here. I've recently picked up an '03 FXDWG that was stage one'd by the previous owner - K&N, jetted (don't know specifics, but she prefers to run a little rich), V&H short shots. OK... I'm ready to start looking for a little more bottom on her. It goes without saying, money is very tight, I can only dream of super-stroker big-bores and CNC'd heads, but...

I should also say that I'll probably never see 5k RPM's, but I'd LOVE enough torque to run the gears without touching the throttle ;-)

I'd like some opinions as to where the best placement of money is now and the future path I should take.

First, I'm thinking I'd like to go with an upgraded ignition to get rid of the set/locked timing. Anyone have experience with Crane's HI-4TC, Twin-tec's TC88, and/or the HD sanctioned Screamin' Eagle? It looks like SE does not make anything for carbed bikes that is adjustable. Can I expect to pull some more bottom/mid torque from an ignition upgrade?

Second, I feel like the short-shots need to at least be replaced by something with a cross-over...(?) I'm thinking the V&H big-shots or one of their other models that have the "power-chamber". I'm sure there are "better" pipes out there.... any recommendations, or does the cross-over only effect high RPM bikes?

Last on my list, but probably most important, are cams. I'm thinking the ignition before cams because I feel cams would be a waste on stock ignition. Or should I forego the exhaust and put the money into cams as step #2?

I guess ya also have to keep in mind that I have mechanical background, but not much Harley tuning in it. Are there selectable, spark mappings on any of the ignition modules that could be "close enough" for someone who is not literate enough to create custom maps?

thanks for the feedback,

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for Ignition I prefer the Twin tech for stock to full blown promod drag bikes this has been working well and worth the money cams for a 88" tw26 is one of many & exhaust is alway a must at some point i prefer the thunder header on fx models and pro pipe on the dressers but don't discount cycle shack slip ons on a stock head pipe have had good success for the dollars spent

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In my early goings I had the Mikuni HRS42 with the screaming eagle air cleaner and breather kit screaming eagle ignition with V&H bigshots. I made 73 hp and 79 tq.
To me these are all easy installs and sounds like you would be capable of doing them yourself. The only change I would make is I would go with a Thunderheader. It will certainly give you more tq where you want it.

I still have my SE Ignition module if you are interested.

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Went through several costly steps until I reached below build.

On a tight budget I would do the following:

Arlen Ness a/c kit (I assume you have the stock replacement K&N filter element mit the plastic backing plate) $100
V&H Propipe with torque baffle $400
Andrews TW26G complete kit $535 or just the chain type cams for under $200
Cam installation kit (chain) $30
Baisley oil spring $12
Cometic 0.03 headgasket kit $35
SE ignition module with 5 deg retard $100
jet kit $75
various gaskets (top end, cam service kit) $50

You need a service manual ($50), some specialty tools (rent?), a good
look at Harleyhogs website during those long winter nights.
HDWRENCH is known for his good pricing on parts and he rents out tools as far as I know.

Around $1100 gets you some ponies if you do the wrenching yourself.
Good luck
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