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Mikuni carb setting

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I put A mikuni hsr42 on my bike it came with a 160 main jet but when I took It out for a test ride it ran like crap so I reached down pulled the choke and it snaped out of it ran great. Read the book and if you run factory pipes the 160 jet is good but any other pipes you need to bump the jet up to a 165 so I did that now it runs great plugs check out good idles alot better no poping so now my question is took it out for a ride today and got home and noticed that the over flow tube had a little gas drip from it like 2 or 3 drops is that any thing to wory about or is it just normal with theese carbs any info would be great thanks.
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I remember having to set my 42s float level lower than specified because it would use the overflow tube quite a bit. Just a hair lower and problem solved.:wootdnc:
I thought that might be the way to fix it but wanted a second opinion. I will take the bowl off here shortly and give it a try if weather permits it was 60 today and its going to rain and snow this week only in kansas thanks for the advice I will let you know what happens.
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