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took my V&H 2into1 off the Deuce today to try some new pipes.
Well, this evening I rode her down to the gym for a workout.
When I was showing a buddy in the parking lot the new pipes, he said
"hey man, whats that white scuff on the pipes right here?"

Oh ****.. A white smear looking mark right by the brake pedal.
What the F is that?? I thought about it for a minute and couldn't figure out what it was. On my way home from the gym, I figured it out! Its the
side of the rubber sole on my Adidas I was wearin' (the gym is only two miles from my house!).

When I got home, I was curious why my riding boots that have a rubber sole too, have never melted onto my exhaust before...
Well, the new pipes run closer to the foot peg..
When I went into the garage and looked at the 2 into 1 on the work bench, I realized, **** man, they have a small black mark on 'em too!

Anyone have any ideas how to get this rubber smudge off the pipe?
Also, any ideas for keepin' it from happening again? Maybe I'll have to screw a small piece of metal on my sole where its hittin' the pipe!

Thanks in advance for any help! nickp.

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"....Maybe I'll have to screw a small piece of metal on my sole where its hittin' the pipe!...."

And if you do that you will one day be starting a thread titled "My Pipes Are Rusting Where The Little Metal DooHickey On My Boots Scratched The Hell Out A My Chrome!" :eek:

In other words...... Don't Do It Man BAD APPROACH.

Extend the pegs away from the pipes. ;)

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My winter boots have a soft rubber sole and the pipes always burn off rubber and it sticks to the pipes. I have a can of acatone (nail polish remover), I put some on a rag (pipes cool) let it sit for a few seconds and then it rubs right off.
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