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Just a brief note to let you know that we are trying to source a V-Rod for MCCruise (fully electronic motorcycle Cruise Control) development for V-Rods.

Though you may not have heard of us, we have been making model-specific, plug & play, cruise controls specifically for bikes in Australia since 1997 and export all over the world.

We stayed away from Harleys for years because aesthetics is everything, but our new electric servo and smaller computer now allow us to offer one of the best kits you will ever experience. Since we first started they have been reputed to be as good or better than the Honda Goldwing and they have just got better - now they work down to 22mph and up to about 110mph.

MCCruise can save you big dollars in speeding fines and you arrive fresh - or ride longer, in safety. Focus on the road and traffic instead of the speedo and police. Iron Butt and Four Corners riders have been using MCCruise for years. Fuel consumption improves about 30% on my Honda VFR750 and Yamaha TDM900. That can translate into extended range for bikes with smaller tanks like many Harley-Davidsons. We can call you to discuss kits as needed and support you by phone during installation if required.

You do need to be reasonably mechanically capable to install them, but our instructions are 'brilliant' according to feedback from customers and there are even videos on our web site on how to setup the cable freeplay. Email us for instructions. (We don't put them on the web because people simply steal our Intellectual Property!)
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