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I have a totally stock 2007 Heritage and looking for a better (cooler) tune. Riding in town/city blows anyway and I avoid it as much as I can but I would prefer to not have may leg cooked at stoplights.

A previous owner of this bike had V+H duals and a Power Commander 3. I got both items when I bought the bike. Some day I may install the pipes but for now it'll stay stock.

I see lots of maps for my scenario but most have the sensors removed or bypassed. Does it matter if the sensors remain installed and connected?

I have read that these are tuned pretty lean for emissions requirements. Is there enough benefit on a stock bike to justify the installation and setup?

I have connected the module just to ensure that it works. I was also able to pull the map off the module. Its tuned for "Freedom true duals, Screamin eagle air filter, rev Xtender" according to the notes.
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